Friday, October 31, 2008

This Month's Theme is...

In college (and surely elsewhere) many of the manly-men had themed this coming month “No Shave” November. Inspired by this sense of purpose and sobriety I have developed my own theme for November:

No-Messin’-Around November

The reason this arises is because I would like to ask all of my friends and family for prayers. Up to this point everything has been very out of the routine (in a good way of course)--visiting different wonderful sites, settling in with a new language and culture, wading through the seemingly eternal pool of bureaucratic paperwork etc etc etc. But November has rolled around, and things are settling down into more of a solid routine, thank God. Please say a little prayer, if you have the chance, that the Lord will give me strength and focus to continue with this routine and do the work that has been set before me.

Thank you!

with MUCH love,

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Gary I said...

Hi Mike, Reb & I will continue & + prayers for you. Your site is great. We just go back from Maine, Joshua B, Rob & Stephinie, David & Susanna.