Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Γεια σας!

Not a whole lot to report on this side of the world. Today all of the Americans (and the rest of the Greek world) found out, early in the morning, that Barack Obama (Μπαράκ Ομπάμα στην Ελληνικά) will be the new president of the good old US of A. I’ve made a variety of friends from various countries (Congo, Brazil, Ukraine, Greece etc.), and everyone is thrilled that Obama won. My friends from Congo are especially grateful, because they strongly believe that some of his policy changes will affect the unstable situation in their country at the present. God-willing this will be the case. Nevertheless, it is very interesting to experience an American election from another country. EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE new that America was having elections. It was all over the news and many people were perhaps more interested in the results than many Americans. It’s all fascinating (and somewhat scary) to behold :).

This Saturday is my names-day new calendar (for Archangel Michael and the Heavenly Hosts), but before I had a chance to notice this I was invited and accepted an invitation to go with my friend Fr. Gregory to Mt. Athos. There they celebrate old calender which means they will not be celebrating Archangel Michael. But, not to worry, because St. George’s (as you know by now, if you’ve been keeping up with everything) has an “All Night” Vigil (Αγρυπνία) on Fridays and this friday will be for the Bodiless Hosts, so that will be nice.

Other than that there’s not much else to say. Just needed to fulfill my blogging obligation. I will check back in soon!

Discovered Gems
Here’s how we should see the path of love: “We get when we give, we don’t give when we get.” Inotherwords, we don’t give out of our bounty, but we give, period, and by this sacrificial giving we will find true joy.

“The more people deviate from the natural simple life and move towards luxury, the more human stress increases. And as worldly politeness expands, simplicity, joy and the natural human smile are lost.”
        -A very holy spiritual person

Say Glory to God and Lord Have Mercy. These phrases are like two wings that go together, and should be said throughout the day.


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