Saturday, October 4, 2008

Like an Infant...

My blogging discipline is very low. Sadly, it is difficult to keep up with it all. Please forgive me if you want more.

Today I tasted Greek bureaucracy. After all was said and done, I realized that it was not the bureaucracy that bothered me, but my impatience, fears and anxieties.

Imagine entering a situation where no mental formulation can even begin to solve the solution to your problem (i.e. get Form “A“ from someone in a foreign Hospital with no signs in English, and really no background in Greek).

I was like an infant--completely helpless; in the arms of...

Well, in America it would have been:

  1. The Information Booth

  2. A helpful English-speaking doctor/nurse

  3. A helpful English-speaking family member of a patient

  4. An English-speaking Janitor

  5. My own logic/reasoning

  6. Moooooomie!!!

In Greece (and not to “bang on” Greece, because as you will soon realize...Greece has the cure to the American disease that I will call systematism), my options were drastically limited:

  1. Greek-speaking, kind people (but they spoke GREEK and I didnt)

  2. My fears

  3. GOD


I fear writing this, because I do not want to prematurely synthesize, codify or summarize, so forgive me.

All to say: I think Greece has the potential to cure my Systemetism, with which I am severely infected, by the grace of God :).

Well. Nuff said.

Much love,

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