Thursday, November 6, 2008

2 entries in 1 day?!?!

Yes, who would have ever thunk...the man who can’t write a thank you note when someone gives him a million dollars is writing two blog entries in 1 day. Well well well...the world is a different place :).

One more thought. Just had a wonderful evening spent with beautiful young people going out to eat and celebrating a friend’s name’s day. Granted 90% of the conversation was in Greek, and I understand...ehhh...let’s not go there. But what a wonderful lesson. To experience joy even with a lack of understanding. To be in a position of helplessness and dependancy on the help of others. I won’t continue. Just to say that not knowing a language can be a blessing.

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Aaron Friar said...

Great to hear this. You are on the right track.

I realized in Russia that learning the language means more than being able to parse every word uttered by someone else. It also involves this wonderful difficulty of sitting in silence and taking in at least the rhythm and feeling of what is being said.

Language after all is merely a vehicle of communication, and not the thing itself. The best way to communicate with another person is still with the eyes and heart.