Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fr. Eusebius Vittis...

Fr. Eusebius died 2 months ago. He has become well known after his death for his pastoral heart for the Lord and for others. Hopefully he will be translated soon into English. For now, here is a preview:

My offering will be:

For all of Your sheep that do not know You and therefore do not communicate with You, I will communicate.

For all Your sheep, who cry for their transgressions and deviations, small and large, whether in knowledge or in ignorance, I will cry.

For all of Your sheep, who sink in the quicksand of sin, losing their purity, I will lament.

For all Your sheep, who sleep the blissful sleep of negligence and indifference, I will stay awake.

For all Your sheep, who blaspheme You and despise You, because they never truly knew You, I will hymn You and will give You glory.

For all Your sheep, held captive to whatever passion, on bended knee I will beg You to free them from their dreaful bonds.

For all Your sheep, who fall into the hands of wolves, with agony and desperation, I cry out to You:
Lord, Lord, Lord, save them! Resue them!

For all Your sheep, who find themselves in hopeless situations, in isolation, in inability to think and unable to find a saving escape from the labyrinth in which they find tehmselves, I will pray to You.

~Fr. Eusebios Vittis (+2009)

Translation M.T.


anyuta said...

Mike, this is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Wonderful. Thank you for posting this gem.

Stephen said...

Hello. I've found my way here from Fr. Gregory's blog, and he suggested I ask you if you knew of any information on Fr. Eusebius in English, or could translate some of it. So, here's asking. I am sure that you have many other things to do, but if you do get around to translating more by or about Fr. Eusebius, that would be excellent. Thank you.

MikeT said...

Hello Stephen!

Sorry that I didnt respond until now. Haven't been keeping track of posts until recently. I have been in touch with Fr. E's sister and will be discussing options with her regarding translating at least one of his works into English. God only knows the timeline etc. On my spare time, I've been working on translating one of his books, and intend to post bits of it on my blog as time goes by. Still haven't worked out the logistics (publishing etc.) yet. Everything is all in the early stages now :). Thank you for your interest! Please PRAY that his works get translated, as they would be a wonderful resource for all of us Anglophones!

with love,

PDP said...

Dear Lord if this is words you want your children to have, den let then come out in the name of Jesus, amen