Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In Boston for the Holidays!

Hi All,

Well, to everyone’s surprise (except for my own and a few other select helpers :)), I found my way to Boston for the Holidays. It was a surprise for the folks and friends and it worked out GREAT. I’ll use a play-by-play that I wrote to some friends as to how I pulled it off:

I got home last friday and on Saturday morning went over to our friend's house for b-fast where my parents were also invited to "help my dad with his computer and have some breakfast." I hid in their walk-in closet with my laptop and connected to skype with their laptop which was in their living room. They started talking to me on skype as if I was in Greece before my parents arrived and so when they walked in the door, there I was "in Greece" on the computer. We chatted (my parents and I) on skype for about 1/2 hour and then I said that I had to go, and at the same time my friend said that they had a gift for my parents and should he bring it now or later. Everyone said "now" and he went in and said here comes the gift! (from the other room)...and out I walked! My parents just looked at me blankly for about 5 seconds while their minds shattered and were pieced back together again. It's true, I was expecting at least a gasp or something, but there was just a complete lack of recognition for about 3 seconds and then "what are you doing here?" :). 

So that’s it. It’s been a blessing all around being home, visiting with family and friends, smelling the old smells, exposing myself to some nice culture shock (constantly turning around every time I hear people speaking English behind me...oooh, Americans!...oooh in America :)). Either way, it’s wonderful being home.

I just wanted to wish everyone a blessed Nativity (Christmas) and Holiday season. Hopefully I’ll be able to see some of you during the time that I’m here. Please feel free to me or call me if you’re in the area.

with love,

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