Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall is in the Air

You know that crisp, clean, brisk fall air that you can almost drink? Yup, Thessaloniki has officially turned fall. No transition though. Not even a warning day. We went from swimming-weather summer heat, to New England Turkey-day chilly. Thank God though, it makes you feel alive. Today I will be picking up two nuns from the States who are making a pilgrimage to Greece. It will be nice to host some fellow Americans in this beautiful city!

Yesterday we drove down to Halkidiki for the morning. I accompanied a priest who had some business to do down there. It's a beautiful drive. The ocean out the window was choppy and a deep blue, a color set off even more by the brownish green hillsides and white and blue houses. The houses dot the landscape, scattered in no particular order or pattern. Some are looming and majestic, while other neighboring houses shelter impoverished gypsy families. We passed olive groves and farm fields, factories and churches, villages and harbors. Greece is a mix of worlds. Old and new, clean and dirty, light and dark, harsh and soft. Everything unexpected.

Until next time,


Juliana said...

We can't wait to hear about the Sisters' visit! God bless!

Aaron Friar said...

Thanks for painting the word pictures. I think of you much on my morning walks to school.

It is especially cold here. I think I even saw the first snow flakes fall believe it or not.

Juan said...

how poetic! and last night i was on the phone with lucy and she asked me if there was one person i could have dinner with that night who would it be and i thought and then i said Mike Tishel. true story!