Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Forgot About This One...

In my last entry (written earlier tonight) I forgot to mention a truly unforgettable moment in my time here thus far, which, in fact, happened JUST TODAY! But before I mention this, let me share something very quickly. This is from the Akathist of Thanksgiving (or “Glory to God for All Things”). The full version can be found HERE:

“Glory to Thee, ceaselessly watching over me, Glory to Thee for the encounters Thou dost arrange for me, Glory to Thee for the love parents ,for the faithfulness of friend, Glory ot Thee for the humbleness of the animals which serve me, Glory to Thee for the unforgettable moments of life, Glory to Thee for the heart’s innocent joy, Glory to Thee for the joy of living, Moving and being able to return Thy love, Glory to Thee, O God, from age to age.”

It was the “Glory to Thee for the unforgettable moments of life” line that I was reading tonight that reminded me to recount this particular unforgettable moment to all of the beloved ones:

Today and yesterday (or the day before...can’t remember), during the break in the midst of my language class, my friends and I went out for something to eat. On our way back, especially today, we noticed an incredible site in the sky: There were thousands (I truly don’t think this is an exaggeration) of what looked like small sparrows, or some form of small bird, flying in beautiful synchronization under the grayish blue winter sky. We saw them in the distance creating various shapes in the sky. First it was a giant oval, then it swooped into a winding river that vanished into a perfect point in the distance, then it oscillated like the waves of the ocean, and then they all turned back on themselves and the mass of flying wings (which looked more like dots in the distance) grew darker and darker as they became more and more concentrated in one area. We were like little children watching this site. My friend and I could not contain our excitement as the birds swooped one way and the other. At each movement our hearts also moved, the power and majesty of this group of birds together was beyond words. How clear and crisp their black silhouettes appeared, framed by the light sky. How perfectly they followed one another in a geometrically amazing manner. How could they know to turn left and right, to swoop up and down in perfect union? I was absolutely shocked.

But then the best moment came.

After the birds, as if sucked by a vacuum, swooped down into ONE TREE (Imagine THOUSANDS OF BIRDS SWOOPING ONTO ONE TREE), they suddenly sprang up, as if on command, as if they were water bursting from a fountain and fanned out into the afternoon sky. Only this time, instead of remaining off in the distance as some beautiful, but foreign, site, they began to rush towards us. The excitement within my chest was hard to take, I wanted to jump with exuberance and exhilaration. The infinite mass of winged dots suddenly became a canopy over our heads. The world was so different for that instant. We had been invaded by tiny birds, but together they created such an impression of power, might and unity! And then they retreated and they became, again, a picture in the distance, the beauty still there but our participation limited.

I recount this as clearly as I can. I have not tried to insert any metaphors or hidden lessons. If anything sounds like a metaphor then most likely they come directly from the experience and not my interpretation (although I might have subconsciously inserted some of my own). Anyway, I think (hope) you get somewhat of a picture of this, or if you have seen such a sight, you know what I mean.

Glory to God for the beauty of His Creation!

with love,

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