Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rioting in Greece...

Dear Friends and Family,

Assuredly some of you, at least, have seen in the news that riots are spreading across Greece and centralized in Athens (primarily) and Thessaloniki (secondarily). I wanted to let everyone know that I am safe, and not to worry, but DEFINITELY to pray. These riots are arguably the worst that Greece has seen, and the devastation and destruction left by the anarchists, communists and other leftist groups involved in the rioting will take months to recover from. Many stores have been totally destroyed or burnt. Yet the violence is focused strictly between rioting leftists and police.

In the wake of so much destruction, one cannot help but turn inside and ask some of the most fundamental questions of life and Faith: how could a human being be so destructive? How could this have gotten so out of control? What is my role in all of it? What can I DO? As the shocking site of gutted stores meets the eye, the smell of smoldering trash fills the nostrils, and the feeling of lingering tear gas stings the face, there is a call to turn inward and pray--for all of the residents and workers in Greece who are affected by the destruction, and for the rioters themselves who seem so full of rage that they do not know what they do.

It is very surreal to sit at my computer and read CNN and BBC articles about an event that is occurring down the street from where I live. Not too much else to say.

Lord have mercy!

All is well, other than this. Just had a test for Greek class, and life continues as usual.

miss everyone and can’t wait to be home for Christmas!

with love in Christ,


Jack Reylan said...

Greece needs a neutralizing junta like during Crimea to prevent soviet access to the straits. Then they can scurry about in denial blaming Armenians, Jews or Albanians as these perfidious Trojan Horse diner people are wont to do. They never wash their hands, bodies, clothes or dishes, so we must close thier Islamo-Soviet temples in maerica before they riot here, too.

Lindsey said...

Mike, I'm glad you're safe! The BBC news has definitely been unsettling. Take care!